In my application I've changed the setting so that the powerpoint would be
opened without file download prompt.

Now I need to focus on that already opened powerpoint and do some testing
through ruby.( say  count the no of slides)

earlier i was saving the powerpoint ( clicking the save button from that
file download prompt) and opening the same ppt as

 ppt = WIN32OLE.new('PowerPoint.Application')

        ppt.Visible = true

       * **doc = ppt.Presentations.Open('C:\Documents and Settings\sinhaa\My

        slidecount = doc.Slides.Count
puts slidecount

but the problem happend that when the remote system ( build server) is
locked or minimised then it stuck in the file download prompt because it was
not sending the key stroke.

So after setting changed the ppt already opened so  i should be able to
directly count the slides on that ppt by focusing or activating the same
i tried with below code but it seems not working. any thoughts???

 $ie.link(:text, "Download to PowerPoint").click

###The ppt gets opened automatically as a separate ppt file without file
download prompt because settings changed.
ppt = WIN32OLE.new('PowerPoint.Application')

 ppt.Visible = true

 slidecount = * ppt.Presentations*.Slides.Count

puts slidecount



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