Hello watir list members:

I am trying to determine an approach to dealing with multiple windows and a 
web site that prompts for multiple authentications at different web URLs 
(sometimes in the same tab and sometimes not). 

When the web application I want to verify redirects to a login page (within 
the same tab or window) then I can handle that. I wait for those DOM 
elements with specific content and then proceed to fill he fields username 
and password fields with text_field().set. I guess that text_field is the 
best way. I'd like to use Capybara's fill_in but that is another post to 
learn why I cannot do that.  

But what if the authorization opens in a tab? Can these selenium based 
tools and wrappers such as watir handle this?

What should I be reading to learn how to accomplish this?

Hints or advice is very welcome!

many thanks!

Before posting, please read http://watir.com/support. In short: search before 
you ask, be nice.


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