Why it's not a bug? 

Take any html file, select_list part is acting in a same way, that is, it's 
not waiting for select_list to exist, for an example, consider the code 

require 'watir'

b.goto 'bit.ly/watir-webdriver-demo'

b.element(id: 'entry_100000').send_keys 'Hi'

I made a mistake in Id but it waits for 30 seconds but If I write the below 

require 'watir'

b.goto 'bit.ly/watir-webdriver-demo'

s = b.select_list(id: 'entry_100000').select 'Ruby'

It's not waiting for select_list to exist.(Made a mistake in the id).

On Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 8:44:31 PM UTC+5:30, Titus Fortner wrote:
> This is unlikely a bug in Watir.
> For us to investigate further please provide
> Your code
> Applicable portion of html
> A log of your test run in debug mode

Before posting, please read http://watir.com/support. In short: search before 
you ask, be nice.


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