Hi Titus,

I read your recent document addition in WATIR site, it's looks great for a 
new comer. but,

I believe one of the biggest area WATIR has the advantage over Selenium is, 
It's capacity to eliminate the xpath conversation, but how and when it 
happened, it's not explained anywhere, I debugged the WATIR code and 
understand it by myself.  So a newcomer might not be aware of such an 
wonderful feature. 

For an example,

WATIR has never go for framing the xpath if the received locator is 
available in selenium but it goes to create the xpath  if the given locator 
is not available in selenium. And I believe this has to be explained. For 
an example, there are some key points has to explained which I cited below, 

If I write this code

b.span(id: 'something').click

it's completely equivalent to writing

b.element(id: 'something').click

calling span() function useless in this place because as soon as WATIR sees 
the id it immediately goes to call the find_element function directly by 
taking id locator like given below

driver.find_element(id: 'something').click

So wrapping up using span is useless here, I agree there are certain places 
it's useful when someone wants to call specific function, so in this case 
the required receiver is important like

b.element(id: 'something').send_keys 'hi'

With the above code one can't call set function, unless he calls the 
text_field() function like

b.text_field(id: 'something').set 'hi'

But in most of the cases it's not useful to call such a specific function, 
but you may ask me like it anyhow is going to do the same job then why we 
need to bother about that? Actually when we invoke this way 

b.span(id: 'something').click

People might not be knowing the specific importance of calling span 
function using WATIR, for an example, WATIR does a amazing Job if it's 
called as given below

b.span(text: 'something').click

Here text locator is not available in selenium so WATIR is going to create 
the xpath using the above code like

driver.find_element(xpath: "//span[normalize-space()='something']).click

Now the importance of calling b.span() becomes very clear and it's not 
useless here, but such an important information is not available anywhere 
So if it's included in the document, it would be great! 

What do you say?

Before posting, please read http://watir.com/support. In short: search before 
you ask, be nice.


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