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> > libinput error: libinput bug: Device 'PenTablet Keyboard' does not meet
> > tablet criteria. Ignoring this device.
> This message means that the device has ID_INPUT_TABLET assigned but it
> shouldn't. That's a udev issue, not sure why this happens though. Do you
> have a manual override or something? same for th eothers

Nope, at least not that I've set myself. And this being Arch, unlikely to have
much non-upstream defaults anyway.
> > I assume this means the patch applies successfully at least?
> yes, P and T are Pad and Tablet capabilities. and from the evemu output at
> least I can tell that the event sequence looks correct. libinput spits out a
> whole bunch of tablet events too.
> I recommend grabbing libinput from git and building with gtk+-3 devel
> headers installed. that way you can run make and sudo ./tools/event-gui to
> test if the tablet responds correctly.

Will get round to that soon.
> if xsetwacom detects the device you assigned the wacom driver, not libinput.
> change the Driver line to "libinput".
> > The lack of proximity out of range event has a pretty annoying sideeffect
> > that I can't scroll in gimp/inkscape as the button4/5 events don't seem to
> > do anything.
> from the libinput output I get here you get proximity events. there's a tip
> up, followed by axis events (though it doesn't move much) so proximity
> works. the stylus buttons come in while the tip is up, so everything appears
> to work?

So I tested with Driver line to libinput (and restarted, otherwise it kept
using libwacom), and the stylus itself works but I lose the frame buttons as
compared to when I was using 'wacom'. Doesn't even show up in xev.

Behaviour in gimp/inkscape is unchanged compared to wacom. I can scroll fine
(using my mouse) until I first draw something, after which no scrolling will
work until I unplug the tablet.

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