--- Comment #3 from Michael Catanzaro <> ---
(In reply to Dominique Leuenberger from comment #2)
> I was sent here after filing
> It turns out that this became a visible issue on GNOME 3.22.0 once webkitgtk
> 2.14.0 was used. 

I'm not sure if this bug report encompasses the entirety of the issue we
discussed or not. I'd like to see Bjørn's screenshot of the seriously broken
shell overview make its way onto Bugzilla (still got it?), so that the right
developers can decide if we need a separate bug report for that or not and
where if so.

> This basically now renders GNOME 3.22.0 on wayland with any
> kind of webkit2 apps (webkit / epiphany) pretty broken

Yes, it's a shame that this was caused by a very last-minute WebKit change. We
should consider reverting the WebKit patch at least for now due to the severity
of this issue. But I won't ask about that until a GTK+ hacker looks at this
first, since maybe Gustavo's patch is all we need.

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