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--- Comment #2 from Peter Hutterer <> ---
the cause here is that in order to trigger a middle click, you have to have
your finger in the middle button area (the same goes for the right button, but
a left click may be triggered from outside the area due to the hardware).

libinput swallows any motion from a finger "pinned" to the software button
area. that's a feature, but in this case it's a bug - there is no good solution
here. libinput supports two fingers though, so you can click with one finger
and then put another finger down to move. tricky on a x220 with it's small
touchpad, but I don't think I'll change the behaviour, the side-effects are
just too big.

alternatively, you can switch to clickfinger where you can press with three
fingers to trigger the middle button press, then release two while keeping one
finger down to then move the pointer. the middle button will be released
whenever the last finger is released

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