--- Comment #3 from Benjamin Tissoires <> ---
(In reply to Joachim Breitner from comment #1)
> (If this is observable in the evemu log, does this mean that this is *not* a
> libinput bug?)

Yes, the evemu outputs what available from the kernel, so if the events are not
coming through here, it means libinput can't do much (especially for button

Anyway, this is unfortunately a known bug. It is a firmware issue with the PS/2
firmware of the Synaptics touchpads. You might notice that this happens if your
palm rests on the touchpad sensor (with at least 2 touches).

We have a working solution that still needs to be merged.  Using RMI4 (custom
Synaptics protocol) over SMBus for these laptops solves the bug. Until then,
there is not much we can do, besides telling you not to touch the touchpad
while pressing the buttons (yeah, this sucks).

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