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--- Comment #3 from Bryce Harrington <> ---
commit 894b3ecc634f09029afd0f910083f2df562f5a54
Author:     Bryce Harrington <>
AuthorDate: Mon Oct 10 15:31:47 2016 -0700
Commit:     Bryce Harrington <>
CommitDate: Tue Oct 11 10:42:50 2016 -0700

    clients: Add XKB compose key support

    This adds single-symbol compose support using libxkbcommon's compose
    functionality.  E.g., assuming you have the right alt key defined as
    your compose key, typing <RAlt>+i+' will produce í, and <RAlt>+y+= will
    produce ¥.  This makes compose key work for weston-editor,
    weston-terminal, weston-eventdemo, and any other clients that use
    Weston's window.* routines for accepting and managing keyboard input.

    Compose sequences are loaded from the system's standard tables.  As
    well, libxkbcommon will transparently load custom sequences from the
    user's ~/.XCompose file.

    Note that due to limitations in toytoolkit's key handler interface, only
    compose sequences resulting in single symbols are supported.  While
    libxkbcommon supports multi-symbol compose strings, support for passing
    text buffers to Weston clients is left as future work.

    This largely obviates the need for the weston-simple-im input method
    client, which had provided a very limited compose functionality that was
    only available in clients implementing the zwp_input_method protocol,
    and with no mechanism to load system or user-specified compose keys.

    Signed-off-by: Bryce Harrington <>
    Reviewed-by: Daniel Stone <>
    Reviewed-by: Eric Engestrom <>
    Reviewed-by: Emmanuel Gil Peyrot <>

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