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(In reply to Peter Hutterer from comment #6)
> oh, so you have a clickpad then? i.e. you don't have physical buttons, the
> whole surface of the touchpad is a button? do I remember this right? in that
> case, yes, you won't get middle button emulation but you can use software
> button areas that give you a dedicated middle button.

No, it was a bit weirder. It was a clickpad in that there were no visible
buttons and you could click it anywhere, but the bottom part had two hidden
buttons with a kind of lever between them (I think). With the Synaptics drivers
I could use the hidden buttons for left and right clicks and a two-finger click
for middle-click.

My new touchpad is more like a standard clickpad, with no areas that feel like
a button. But anyway, between Linux power management and touchpad drivers not
working and the new Acer Windows drivers, I've stopped using the middle click
on a touchpad.

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