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I am sorry, but I do take issue with the stance that: "There is no reason
whatsoever to run a GUI application as root". What you mean to say is that YOU
PERSONALLY can not think of an instance where the benefit of doing so will
outweigh the downsides, as you perceive them, of doing so. To say that there
definitely is no reason, and that there can never BE any reson, to see things
differently, is the exact same mindset of engineered arrogance that drove me
away from Microsoft Windows. 

Suppose, just for the moment, that I would like to run GParted. That is a GUI
application that kinda benefits from being run as root. Of course, there is no
NEED, as such, to use this particular application. I could just use parted from
the CLI. But, just suppose, that I would rather like to do some things in a
GUI. And just suppose, for a moment, that there are other people out there,
who, like me, would like to continue to use Linux, but with a functional GUI,
that lets us do things we are not allowed to do in Windows, because they are

Linux lets me do stuff like 'sudo rm -rf /*'. Yet I manage. So don't try to
patronize everyone by telling them they can't run GUI applications as root
'because it is dangerous'. Unless you WANT to make people use X. Because this
is how you make people use X.

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