--- Comment #7 from Dilip Shirke <> ---
weston configure check output -

Native Backend        
        setuid Install                  no

        Cairo Renderer                  image
        EGL                             yes
        xcb_xkb                         no
        XWayland                        yes
        dbus                            yes

        ivi-shell                       yes

        Build wcap utility              yes
        Build Fullscreen Shell          yes
        Enable developer documentation  yes

        weston-launch utility           yes
        systemd-login support           no
        systemd notify support          no

        DRM Compositor                  yes
        X11 Compositor                  yes
        Wayland Compositor              yes
        Headless Compositor             yes
        FBDEV Compositor                yes
        RDP Compositor                  no
        Screen Sharing                  no
        JUnit XML output                yes

        Build Clients                   yes
        Build EGL Clients               no
        Build Simple Clients            yes
        Build Simple EGL Clients        yes

        Install Demo Clients            no

        Colord Support                  no
        LCMS2 Support                   no
        libjpeg Support                 no
        libwebp Support                 no
        libunwind Support               yes
        VA H.264 encoding Support       no

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