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The XSettings in the xsettings plugin are either:
- in GSettings, and GTK+ will read those directly under Wayland
- hardcoded in gnome-settings-daemon, for older versions of GTK+, and hardcoded
in newer versions of GTK+ 3.x
- "computed" in the xsettings plugin

Those last ones are what we're interested in here. They are:
- fontconfig timestamps (Fontconfig/Timestamp)
- whether to enable animations (used for remote displays, Gtk/EnableAnimations)
- GTK+ modules list (Gtk/Modules)
- whether gnome-shell (and its builtin menu) is running (Gtk/ShellShowsAppMenu)
- a number of font and DPI settings (see xft_settings_set_xsettings())

That last two are handled directly in GTK+ in Wayland talking to the compositor
and checking its capabilities, or in gdk/wayland/gdkscreen-wayland.c.

Which leaves us with those first 3 settings (for now).

So, on top of the fontconfig specific changes above, it would be nice if:
- the D-Bus name showed that the settings are GTK+ specific, say
- also export Gtk/EnableAnimations and the modules list through D-Bus

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