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fwiw, please attach anything longer than say 10 lines, otherwise it gets too
difficult to find the real comments. and never use pastebins, they disappear
randomly. we have bugzilla attachments for that.

ok, checked the code again and you are right, it is likely missing
ID_INPUT_TOUCHPAD, so libinput doesn't know what to do with the device, see for
more details.

question though is why it's missing, afaict from the udev builtin you should
have both set (MOUSE and TOUCHPAD, which is a bug, but anyway). are you using a
recent enough version of systemd? (not that that code has changed in ages...)

You'll likely find that once the ID_INPUT_TOUCHPAD tag is set, it'll start
working, so this needs to move to udev to figure out why it isn't set in the
first place.

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