--- Comment #1 from Olivier Fourdan <> ---
I think what you see here is not actually bouncing but key repeat triggering.

On Wayland, key repeat is handled by the clients based on press/release events
received from the compositor (as opposed to Xorg where key repeat is handled by
the display server, ie the X server).

If the compositor gets “busy” doing something else, it may not forward the key
release fast enough and the client start repeating the key...

There are some mechanisms in place in gtk+ and Xwayland to mitigate the issue,
by issuing a “ping” to the Wayland compositor to makre sure it's still well
alive and processing events before repeating a key, but it's not perfect and
spurious key repeat can still occur under some circumstances.

As a workaround, you could try increasing the key repeat delay in your
compositor of choice to see if that helps with the key repeating itself.

tl;dr: Nothing libinput can do to help there, it;s purely betwee nWayland
client and the Wayland compositor.

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