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(In reply to Peter Hutterer from comment #5)
> Konstantin, can you test attachment 137744 [details] [review] please to make
> sure it fixes or at least doesn't introduce any other bugs? If not, then
> I'll push this asap.

Just tested, seems to work fine. FWIW though, I did not notice axis snapping
until saw the bugreport — it was pretty small for me. But, it seeems, with this
patch axis-snapping ceased to exist whatsoever.

Sorry for delay, I wanted to test this morning, but I couldn't make git to
leave conflict markers for me (the patch didn't apply cleanly because of
strange symbols in comments — dunno, seem to have some
problem with encoding). In the end I have simply used "patch" command, and it,
turns out, leaves ".rej" files being a nice replacement to conflict markers
(well, I've seen them before, but never looked into).

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