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Except not really that much simpler. On/off isn't enough, you'll need to
provide some hysteresis range. Oh, now you need it per-axis because some
devices jitter on the y axis only. Oh, and you cannot ever switch away from the
hysteresis to something better because you promised that the configuration
exists. You cannot change the hysteresis algorithm, because config settings are
written in stone. Want to change from physical units to device units? Oops,
cannot do that without adding another option. And making sure you are
compatible between the two.

You also have to expose the config option, write a GUI for every desktop. Deal
with the corner-cases of toggling the config option at the 'wrong' time.

Then you have to teach users that that option exists. Where it is, in every
desktop and how to set it. In 3 years time, the ubuntu forums are full of posts
suggesting random config options that may not even exist anymore. 

And AFAICT neither windows or macos have that setting, so they're smart enough
to figure this out. Oh, and having the toggle to turn it off also stops us from
thinking about the correct solution.

An on/off switch makes things easy for the moment, for that one user that wants
it. It makes life a lot more difficult for maintainers. So please, let's stop
the talk of "just add a config option" because yes, for you it would've been
easier (right now). For me and a lot of others, it's just a long-term waste of

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