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coredump info

I am still getting crashes with 1.10.2.

I tried to provide more information by following the instructions in comment
#2, but I'm afraid I don't quite understand how to. I am also experiencing the
crashes on Arch Linux.

I rebuilt the libinput package specifying --builtype debug. Then I triggered
another crash and got a coredump (attached info).

I will attach an evemu recording shortly.

There is nothing in my Xorg log, apart from this line:
[  1149.033] (II) Axis 0x1 value 5120 is outside expected range [1237, 4990]

I also ran "eu-addr2line -e /usr/lib64/", but I don't know what I'm
supposed to do with it since there was no output.
Can someone help me to provide more information?

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