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--- Comment #4 from Jonathan Heathcote <> ---
> yeah, but that doesn't matter to us. In your case the problem is that the 
> BTN_LEFT value 0 does not arrive at all when the finger is released, see the 
> 1.950450 event.
> regarding the pen, let me re-explain: [...]

Ah, thanks for explaining, I'd misunderstood!

Frustratingly, ever since you suggested your experiment my clickpad has stopped
exhibiting this problem and so despite regular attempts I've been unable to
carry out the experiment. That said, this rather supports the claim of this
being a hardware related issue.

I shall keep an eye and next time the problem manifests I'll see what happens.
Since this is likely a hardware problem this issue should probably be closed.
If I find any evidence to the contrary (now I know what I'm looking for!) I'll
re-open this bug.

Thanks again, Peter, for the swift and extremely helpful responses, they were
much appreciated! It might be the excuse I've been looking for to replace my
t440s' trackpad with a t450s one with real buttons...

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