--- Comment #9 from Benjamin Tissoires <> ---
(In reply to Peter Hutterer from comment #7)
> First I think there's something wrong with your kernel
> E: 0.253846 0001 0145 0002      # EV_KEY / BTN_TOOL_FINGER      2
> I haven't seen that before, a repeat event for BTN_TOOL_FINGER? Benjamin,
> any ideas? 

That's because the input device is created partly from the report descriptor,
partly from scratch. The EV_REP bit is set because of the keyboard emulation in
the device, and so any key event will get repeated. We can safely ignore those.

> Also, the slot association is strange, usually the slot numbers
> match the fingers down and get re-used, this recording seems to use them in
> seemingly arbitrary order. That's generally fine, just unusual.

That's because it's one of these devices where the slot is directly forwarded
from the device, not generated by the kernel. IIRC, on the magicmouse, if you
touch at one place, release, then touch at the same spot, the slot will stay
the same. If you touch anywhere else, the slot will be different.

It's information, but we don't do anything about it under Linux as only those 2
devices are consistently reporting this that way.

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