--- Comment #7 from Peter Hutterer <> ---
the man page is for evemu-record. If you run the command as in the linked page:

$ sudo evemu-record > scroll.evemu

The output of evemu is in the 'scroll.evemu' file, you can obviously change the
name of that.

> I add: I have fixed this problem to my satisfaction, in that I have have made 
> the synaptics driver work decently; I reported this problem in an attempt to 
> help libinput and those who use it.

the synaptics driver is in maintenance mode, i.e. it doesn't see any new
features beyond maybe the odd crasher fix. So in a year's time or so, whenever
you switch to a Wayland compositor or new HW requires you to use the new
features, you'll run into the same bug again if it doesn't get fixed in
libinput. Plus, you get the warm fuzzy feeling of fixing it for everyone with
the same HW rather than just for yourself. I'd be interested in what synaptics
options you used to tweak this, that'll likely provide a hint too.

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