--- Comment #20 from Peter Hutterer <> ---
Comment on attachment 138755
Patch to reapply the p50 rule & fix syntax error in existing rules

Review of attachment 138755:

As a general rule, please always separate logical steps within patches. Adding
a new device should not be combined with fixing another device - makes it hard
to separate the patches out for e.g. stable branches or regression testing. So
this patch would have to be two patches, one for the P50, one for the alleged
syntax error.

Alas, that 'syntax error' is intentional, these Lenovo series have an optional
suffix as well (T450, T450s, T450p, ...). They all have the same hardware, so
this rule catches all. It should arguably be a ? instead as there is only one
letter but the current rule works. The trailing : doesn't matter because all
modalias have a trailing ':'. So it doesn't quite match as you'd expect but it
does match :)

As for the P50 patch - this is the same as in bug 105022 now, right? That one
apparently made scrolling unworkable so I had to revert it upstream. Does this
patch have any effect on scrolling for you?

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