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Sorry for late replay I have been a bit busy with work.

I am now using libinput ver: 1.10.900

Regarding libinput-list-devices:
I am not sure why I still have it maybe it is because I am using this AUR to
install last libinput version:

Regarding the issue:
I have played attachment 1 and 2 on my computer and I can see I have the
application menu popup ( corresponding to 3 finger tap ) on both of them when I
play the first input command.

Also I am not sure if it is related, I noted that sometime I try to do a 3 tap
but I got a 2 tap ( this is very annoying because 2 finger tap paste text and
while I am coding is not a nice thing to get random stuff pasted here and there

So I think the issue is still present in the last version of libinput ...

Regarding touchpad-edge-detector:
I'll check and report something next week

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