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(In reply to Peter Hutterer from comment #8)
> urgh, really? that is terrible and would make it virtually impossible for
> libinput to ever do the right thing... 
> Please re-confirm this though, just run the commands again. I find that I
> get quite different results every time I re-run-this and have to run it a
> few times in a row to get reliable readings.

Yeah the behaviour runs around a bit, but my results seem to be pretty
consistent. I just tried moving my pointer around each of my screens without
mode-switching, and got the following results:

Just the internal:
Average for abs deltas: x:  22 y:  14
Median for abs deltas: x:  18 y:  12
95% percentile for abs deltas: x:  62 y:  39

Just the external:
Average for abs deltas: x:  32 y:  19
Median for abs deltas: x:  30 y:  17
95% percentile for abs deltas: x:  80 y:  50

> You also said above: 
> > A slow pointer makes me press harder.
> Please make sure you're not affected by the speed of the pointer motion on
> the screen. You may be inclined to push harder on the large screen to hit
> the edges, resulting in higher deltas. This could affect the input data.

I think that this is exactly what's happening, but it's also possible the the
firmware is sending larger inputs in response to longer straight movements.

> The instructions to hit the screen edges are just so users know what to
> roughly do, the tool isn't affected by the visible pointer movement at all -
> the trackpoint will keep sending events even when the pointer is at the
> screen edge.

With the test I just did in this post, I was roughly drawing large circles
touching the screen edges without bothering to hit the corners.

> > And perhaps you're used to hitting your trackpoint hard?
> I admit I only use the trackpoint to test things, I hardly ever use it
> directly. So I'm not sure what I'm used to and I definitely can't comment in
> regards to RSI etc. Which effectively means I'll question everything you
> tell me for basic sanity, but otherwise you'll have the last word on
> everything :)


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