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> From: Joe Konno <joe.ko...@intel.com>
> In a cross-compilation environment with packages depending on
> wayland-scanner, ensure the path to wayland-scanner is correct. Without
> this patch, the path will _not_ point to the target environment but to
> the host's, potentially leading to breakage.
Afaict the [cs]ore part here is that one is using a git checkout(s)
with cross-compilation.

If we ignore that for a moment, here are some possible combinations:
 - cross-compile both provider (wayland-scanner) and it's user(s)
 - cross-compile only one of them and build the other(s) natively

Then we add the following on top a) host == target may _not_ be always
true and b) doing cross-compiling different components on different
systems/platforms _is_ an option. So in order to proceed one has to
have wayland-scanner (in this case of course) built for each possible
combination/platform above. Which in itself is is close to a
combinatoric explosion.

Coming back:
I must admit - there is no simple way (that I know of) to annotate
dependencies which should be built/installed on the build platform in
order to have a successful "make dist". Yet ultimately this is what
you want - work from a release (be the official or local) tarball.

I'm not familiar with bitbake and alike, but some/many Linux
distributions have a "prepare" step which unlike the
build/check/install one is not distributed across systems (via DistCC
and similar solutions).

Ideally one should do and/or bitbake isn't too far off the following:
 - git checkout as-needed
 - wget tarballs
 - for i in as-needed; do apply local patches, run `make dist` (might
need to have some dependencies build/installed); done
 - for everyone; do tar -xaf foo && cd foo &&  ./configure &&
make/make install; done

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