This is a point release for the 1.11 series, backporting a few minor
fixes from the 1.12 release.

    Bryce Harrington (2):
      scanner: Fix reported executable name to 'wayland-scanner' bump to version 1.11.1 for the point release

    Yong Bakos (2):
      doc: Correct docbook title
      scanner: Move PROGRAM_NAME define

git tag: 1.11.1
MD5:  82f227c65faec3df0335847626811303  wayland-1.11.1.tar.xz
SHA1: cf5c2719592ce324184a785b19a9547dc2d51377  wayland-1.11.1.tar.xz
SHA256: 4c8a99d030282740e898dead98c92d92023be9c3536c7f504444d215a7e39195  
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