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On 8 February 2018 at 16:46, Marius Vlad <marius-cristian.v...@nxp.com> wrote:
> Our case is when the view is the same as output being disabled/disconnected.
> There's not need to check the views' output with the output being disabled
> because weston_view_assign_output() already changes the output of the view 
> when
> the output has been disabled/disconnected hence the check is not needed at 
> all.
> The views' output will always be different than the output being disabled.
> By the time shell_output_destroy_move_layer() gets called the views' output 
> has
> already changed to a "free" output. Tested this by unplugging/disabling the
> output on purpose.

Right you are: weston_compositor_remove_output() already explicitly
resets view->output. shell_reposition_view_on_output_destroy() is
totally safe to call on views which are still visible somewhere else.
So this seems like the right thing to do: reviewed and pushed.

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