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> Thanks for the insight, that's very helpful. If I go down the route of
> trying to add Xwayland support to the parent compositor, do you have
> any recommended resources such as documentation or a simple compositor
> with Xwayland support to guide me?


well, I don't have much. There are two ways projects have gone with
this: either they had a X11 WM to build a Wayland compositor from (e.g.
mutter), or the Wayland compositor was written from scratch and then
Xwayland support added on top (e.g. Weston).

Those that used to be X11 WMs have probably sorted out tons and tons of
X11 corner cases, but the architecture might be quite X11'y. The
opposite, like Weston, may be very Wayland'y, but they sure are missing
all those quirks to make all X11 apps behave. But missing quirks might
make a simpler code base to learn from.

I hope this gives you an idea which projects you'd like to learn from
or avoid.

I believe documentation is non-existent, apart from a very very
high-level overview in
https://wayland.freedesktop.org/docs/html/ch05.html .


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