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> Hi Pekka,
> Yes I saw a similar problem when I tested previous ivi patches.
> I run make clean & make & make check. Then it worked.
> Maybe it is releated to weston-tests-env changes from this commit:
> https://cgit.freedesktop.org/wayland/weston/commit/?id=0707b0e5d48fa6f1ac41ea60c2adc2e6430c7425
>  ?

Hi Emre,

Daniel helped to pinpoint the cause of this failure. After the
ivi-shell patches, we now get hmi-controller.so loaded when before it
was not. Hmi-controller creates layers and surfaces, so it breaks tests
that expect to be in complete control over the scene.

When the controller plugins were changed to be loaded as normal weston
plugins, the directive to load the test controller no longer overrode
the weston-ivi.ini by default loading hmi-controller. Now they get
loaded both, and hmi-controller init races to break the tests.

Could you figure out a fix for this, please?

I suppose adding a delay in the test client would make the test fail
always, perhaps.


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