On 21.02.2018 03:33, Peter Hutterer wrote:
It should work like it previously did; what bothers me however — shouldn't
that be specific to a touch, but not touchpad? Couldn't that get triggered
e.g. by 2-finger scrolling? (whatever that is, I dunno, touching with 2
finger doesn't scroll for me — I do scroll instead using the right edge of
the touchpad).

if you make it per-touch then yes, it can get triggered by 2-finger
scrolling but it'll work per-touch so either touch has to wobble to disable
the hysteresis. we can assume that if one touch wobbles, all of them will.

2-finger scrolling can be enabled with the
libinput_device_config_set_scroll_method() call, or libinput debug-events
--set-scroll-method=twofinger, you should give it a try. edge scrolling is
going the way of the dodo.

Thanks for your comments! Enabling 2-finger scroll did end up in crash for me previously, but it's fixed in git already. I did enable it with

$ xinput set-prop "SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad" "libinput Scroll Method Enabled" 1 0 0

Well, can't say I'm a fan. It's possible I haven't got used to it yet, but for me it's not very comfortable because when I'm trying to scroll with 2 fingers, the cursor also starts moving at the beginning, so if e.g. I'm trying to scroll something small, or if my cursor is simply at the top of a scrollable widget — it can quit out of scrollable zone. And even when it starts working, it's sometimes stops scrolling and cursor starts moving…

I dunno, it might have something to do with my touchpad being "wobbly"… Either way, side scrolling definitely have no such point of failure, it's always reliable.
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