libinput 1.10.2 is now available. Three important fixes, all

The first set of patches fixes an assertion that triggered when the tapping
code lost track of the finger count. This was triggered by palm detection,
but only by specific event sequences. 

The second fix affects all touchpads. libinput 1.10 was released with a new
hysteresis code that disabled the hysteresis when the touchpad events
appeared stable for long enough (i.e. no jitter/wobble with a finger down).
Turns out this isn't trustworthy and plenty of touchpads pause the pointer
jitter for long enough to trigger the hysteresis disabling code before
continuing to jitter like a caffeinated monkey on a sugar high.

The new code now works the opposite way: hysteresis is disabled by default
but if we detect pointer jitter/wobble, the hysteresis is enabled for the
rest of the session.

The third major fix is that the hysteresis, once enabled, now works across
both axes simultaneously. Previously the hysteresis looked at x and y
separately, causing axis snapping on small movements and turning tiny
circles into tiny rectangles. This is now fixed and the hysteresis works
along the movement vector.

Finally, a small fix to fix the pressure thresholds for the Apple Magic
Trackpad, the previously used catch-all thresholds caused some touches to be

Daniel van Vugt (1):
      Introduce omnidirectional (elliptical) hysteresis

Konstantin Kharlamov (2):
      touchpad: remove the code for disabling hysteresis
      touchpad: add wobbling detection

Mario Di Raimondo (1):
      Fix Apple Magic Trackpad sensitivity

Peter Hutterer (9):
      meson: add the 221 version to the libsystemd dependency
      touchpad: don't do speed-based thumb detection on single-touch or semi-mts
      touchpad: move the hysteresis into its own substruct
      test: don't run the MT pressure test on devices without MT pressure
      test: don't run the 2fg pressure test on single-touch touchpads
      touchpad: add the pressure thresholds to the debugging output
      touchpad: don't end below-threshold pressure touches if nfake_fingers > 
      touchpad: add a TOUCH_MAYBE_END state
      libinput 1.10.2

git tag: 1.10.2
MD5:  f188d826de5b958cc561eec2b0c3d254  libinput-1.10.2.tar.xz
SHA1: 0c3214ab1cae791b390bc1562dbbf7712ee16780  libinput-1.10.2.tar.xz
SHA256: 1509766d348efe8c6da4285efad3acff4a4c955defb43309e3e4851849197bb9  

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