libinput 1.10.3 is now available. Only two patches, the first one to fix a
crasher triggered by a specific event sequence during 3-finger gestures
(and on some touchpads 2-finger gestures). The second one fixes the new
pointer jitter detection, a bitmask got lost and we compared 32 bits instead
of only the 3 we cared about.

Peter Hutterer (3):
      touchpad: end hovering touches in maybe_end_touch
      touchpad: make sure we compare only the last 3 events for wobble
      libinput 1.10.3

git tag: 1.10.3
MD5:  ffcf71ec913988c1c1a79a2169d71651  libinput-1.10.3.tar.xz
SHA1: 164c2463a34d0e39f55741fbf607d6dcdce873a7  libinput-1.10.3.tar.xz
SHA256: 0d52909584027ff6fcaba865c4454b77e91a2dba3c6cf520cdf87eccd2ec0200  

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