> According to the CD sleeve liners on my sets, the last episode of TAGS

>introduced Mayberry RFD where Sam Jones hired an Italian family to help on

>the farm.  It was entitled, "Mayberry RFD", and aired April 1, 1968.

According to Ken Beck and Jim Clark's TAGS Book the last TAGS episode (Number 
249) is "A Girl For Goober".  The last lines of dialogue took place in the 
courthouse. Andy commented about Goober's girl friend and Goober says that he'd 
never been kissed by a doctor before. The show rode off into the sunset with 
all of them laughing.

Episodes 248 and 247 were about Sam running for City Council and Opie 
protecting Mike from bullies.  But I believe these listed episodes were 
actually aired in a different order.

Harriet, the chicken thief, hiding out in Kelsey's Woods, USA

....Johnny Paul Jason says chewing tar is good for the teeth......That's an old 
wives tale....Johnny Paul ain't married.....

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> Subject: TAGS last day
> I heard on the radio that today, Sept. 16th, the last episode of TAGS was
shown back in 1968.  Is this when it >turned into Mayberry RFD?
>Bee in New Concord, OH

According to the CD sleeve liners on my sets, the last episode of TAGS
introduced Mayberry RFD where Sam Jones hired an Italian family to help on
the farm.  It was entitled, "Mayberry RFD", and aired April 1, 1968.  The
first episode of Mayberry RFD aired September 23, 1968, and was entitled
"Andy and Helen Get Married".

Ron **Barn McLendon
LaVergne, TN


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TAGS fans,
I'm watching the episode "Barnery's Replacement" and something just occurred to 
me: when Andy gets the call about the wife abuser and sends new deputy Bob 
Rogers out to tend to the duties of a deputy, he doesn't tell him an address.
So, is Bob such a go-getter that he's already memorized the Mayberry phone book?


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