Gomer heard a "Lake Loon" when he and Barney were lost in the woods and then they "caught and cooked" a pheasant
Ernest T Bass went in the woods to kill a mockingbird
Opie raised three birds: Winkin', Blinkin' and Nod
Ernest T was going to live in a cave with chipmunks and squirrels
Dud Walsh went fox hunting
Charlene was going to cook some fish muddle
Andy "talked " to a hawk
A bear treed the prisoner Andy had released
Otis and Andy thought Barney's ink blot looked like a bat
Barney was concerned about going crazy from bats laying eggs in his hair Andy talked about hunting geese when given the shotgun by an ex- convict
Andy, the mayor and others talked about catching carp
One of Barney's martial art moves resembled a snake

Andy smelled like a gardenia blossom after Ellie sprayed him with perfume.
Gas from the heater that Andy was trying to fix

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