> distinct odors one would smell if visiting Mayberry.

(I sent this on Monday but didn't see it show up on the Digest. Hope it doesn't 
show up twice now.)

Jennifer Morrison loves the smell of Witch Hazel, especially when Andy wears it 
walking right out from the barber shop.

Since my father was a well known moonshiner in my home town I know first hand 
what that smells like.  When Andy lets Barney go POW-POW-POW to the Morrison 
sister's moonshine still, what spews out does not smell like moonshine. It's a 
disgusting, reeking odorous, nose pinching for sure major ick-factor stinko as 
it has not fermented long enough yet and hasn't dripped down that little copper 
tube into a bucket.   Opie was absolutely correct -  but he was being quite 
polite by saying it smells funny.

Barney's illegal chili must certainly smell funny, steaming away upstairs.

Emma Brand/Watson has some nice smelling pies cooling in her windows, it draws 
criminals and the law.

Opie's wood burner piques Andy's sniffer, twice, in the court house and in the 
Taylor house.

Barney and Gomer sit back, relax and enjoy the smell that pheasant makes 
roasting in the woods.

The hobo with the bum leg enjoys smelling what Robin Hood and his Merry Man 
bring him for dinner so much so that he can't finish saying the blessing before 
digging in.

Aunt Bee's kerosene cucumbers must kill one's senses, everyone that is except 
Aunt Bee. We see it in the scrunched up noses of anyone who comes in contact 
with one.

Aunt Bee's Prize Winning Rose must have a pleasant fragrant aura about them.

And who could forget the sweet smell of a manicurist?  It's a pleasure just to 
breathe around her.

Harriet, the chicken thief, hiding out in Kelsey's Woods, USA

....Johnny Paul Jason says chewing tar is good for the teeth......That's an old 
wives tale....Johnny Paul ain't married.....

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