I'd guess my favourite smell would be of Emma Watson's pies cooling in her 
windowsill in one of the firts episodes. Makes me hungry just thinking about it.

Or the pleasant whiff of Aunt Bee's and Ms. Edwardses roses in one of the last 
episodes. I'd ask for one to put in a jar of water on my kitchen table.

The pungent aroma of a little boy named Opie Taylor who'd played outside all 
day with Johnny Paul, Trey, and his friends. If you raised a boy you know what 
I mean.

The  malodorous reek of Moonshine, aka white lightening, on Otis would be hard 
to miss on a Saturday night.

The aroma of witch hazel coming thru the door of Floyd's Barber Shop

The smell of raw fish coming from Andy, Opie, and Barney at the end of the 
opening day of fishing at Myers Lake.

The gamy stench of possum, raccoon, dirt, and woods from an unwashed Ernest T 
But there was a smell all through the town that lasted all 8 years of TAGS. The 
sweet smell of freedom. Where Emma Watson was free to go jaywalking, Opie could 
run all over town and into Kelsey's woods playing and nothing bad ever happened 
and Flip Conroy, a Black man could be treated as a man period and not a Black 
man. Freedom for Aunt Bee, Thelma Lou, and the ladies of Mayberry to walk to 
town un accosted as they did their shopping at Foley's or Mrs. Luken's, 
Walker's Drugstore, etc. A town where the sheriff was free to walk around 
without a gun. Now these are aromas you wouldn't smell today. At least not 
pleasant ones.

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