Eric, I simply cannot believe you have never heard of John Alden.    I guess 
this speaks to the education of the 21st century.   When I was in the 8th 
grade, we were forced in English Class to read the long, long, narrative poem 
by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, written in 1858 called "The Courtship of Miles 
Standish".     To make a very long story short, Miles Standish was a very shy 
fellow who was a roommate of John Alden back in the Mayflower days.    Miles 
Standish was in love with Pricilla Mullins, but being too shy to profess his 
love, he sent his friend, John Alden, to tell Pricilla of his (Miles) love.    
After hearing John Alden out, Pricilla said "Why don't you speak for yourself 
John Alden".     You can see where this is going.   Anyway, Andy could have 
told this story much better than me, but alas he is no longer with us.

Orville Hendricks - Mount Pilot Butter and Egg Man

I just got done re-watching the episode "Cyrano Andy" and am puzzled by a 
reference Thelma Lou made while Andy
was visiting her and speaking up for a girl-shy Barney. Thelma Lou asked if 
Andy was "playing John Alden(sp)" .
The only John Alden I found was a crew member of the Mayflower!
Any guesses?
Eric Swolgaard
Sacramento, CA

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