As a "preachers kid" who experienced a preachers life (46 years in ministry)
throughout eastern and south eastern Ohio, I've seen years of variations on
this. It really is not only a regional term but a generational term that is
seldom heard today. In my experience I most often heard people refer to my
father as "Reverend Pyle" except for the time spent as a Captain in the
Salvation Army. The time I most often heard my father addressed as
"Preacher" was from people who would have been considered my father's elders
(generational). I often heard "Going to preaching" in the 50's and early
60's in my life, and it just meant going to church.

Times have certainly changed, becoming more informal. Never hear 'Reverend'
anymore (as least in Protestant circles), being replaced by the more
informal "Pastor." I suspect that "Preacher" and "preaching" is more often
heard in the south today.

Paul Pyle
Quiet Sam

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