To the people to do not like Helen's attitude, think about how sometime you 
could be a bit testy when you don't get your way.
I know that I can get a little peeved at people when they don't do what needs 
to be done.  Then they turn it around on me and say that I have a bad attitude.
Usually I try to shrug off the bad attitude comment and go on about my business.

A few weeks ago three teenagers parked in my yard and I had to ask them to move 
their car.
They said that they didn't realize that they had parked on my property (three 
feet of grass and a fence gate).
Before they moved the car I told them that they needed to respect the 
neighborhood and to park in the paid parking area behind the restaurant's down 
the street.
Some woman who just happened to be walking down the street called me a feisty 
old woman.  I was just sticking up for myself and my property.
The restaurant's didn't come into the neighborhood until a tornado hit my part 
of town in 1998.  The parking has gotten worse and the people going to the 
restaurants' and shops are very rude.
So as you can see I can understand Helen's attitude and sometimes wanting her 
own way.

The one time Helen didn't stick up for herself and neither did Andy was at 
Howard's house party and she had to dance with Goober, Howard and Andy, then 

Okay that is my rant for the day.

Floyd: "I'm going to Nashville."
Margaret: I already live in Nashville.

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