I really enjoyed reading Ken’s article about front porches. The article took me 
back to my own front porch during my high school days. We had a large front 
porch on the front of our farm house in north central Ohio. I have lots of 
memories of being on or around that porch...mostly of graduations, proms & 
weddings. We also had a large patio behind the house where we did our snapping 
of beans, husking ears of corn, etc..
Tonight I’m watching the episode, “Opie’s Rival” from Season 3...it’s 
coincidental that I was watching that episode while I was reading Ken’s 
article. The episode includes a very heartfelt segment on Andy’s front porch 
where Andy explains to Opie about their strong relationship.
Thanks so much for sharing your article, Ken!
Brian Kaufman
Proud TAGS Fan Since 1974

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