Over the weekend I watched the movie "The Fortune Cookie" on Turner Classic 
Movies.     I would be willing to bet this movie contains the most TAGS alumni. 
    In this movie I found the following alumni:

  1.   Lurene Tuttle - Lady Shoplifter
  2.  Les Tremayne - C. J. Hasler
  3.  Howard McNear - Floyd
  4.  William Christopher - Dr. Thomas Peterson
  5.  Bartlett Robinson - Mr. Roberts
  6.  Herbie Faye - Eddie Blake
  7.  Helen Kleeb - Mrs. Jess Morgan
  8.  Herb Ellis - Bobby Fleet
  9.  Harry Holcomb - Warden Hix
  10. Noam Pitkin - Roy Swanson

The reason for so many alumni is that there were a lot of people in this movie.

Orville Hendricks - Mount Pilot Butter and Egg Man

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