Well folks, my Mayberry season has begun in earnest.  I did two back to
back presentations this past Tuesday and we have four car shows this week.
It is so good to be out and about sharing my love for TAGS.

At the car show tonight a little girl about 4 years old came to visit me.
She and her mom always look at the car and she gets a badge, but tonight
she was with grandma.  Grandma told me that last week she was stopped for
speeding.  Her little granddaughter was with her.  When the officer started
to talk to grandma, the little girl shouted out, "You are not my friend.
Where is my friend?"  She thought the police officer would be me.  Grandma
said during the entire time the police officer was talking, the little girl
kept saying, "You are not my friend."  Grandma got off with just a warning.

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