Graham Dumpleton wrote:
2008/11/16 Ian Bicking <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
We need to make a revision to the WSGI spec to say that
environ['wsgi.input'].readline takes an optional size argument.  It always
does in practice (except in wsgiref.validate.validator, rendering that
validator useless), and is required to in practice, because everyone uses
cgi.FieldStorage, and it passes in that argument.

This has been brought up numerous times before. There are other things
about wsgi.input that really need to be changed as well to make it
more useful. When I have pushed for revised specification before I
could never get enough interest in it from the people that most would
perceive are the ones who oversee the PEP.

Yes, this has been passed over before. To resolve this, let's just not pass it over this time? This is a relatively small change to the WSGI spec, because it represents standard practice -- this change is simply getting the spec in line with implementations.

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