I will make a more complete answer soon. But about:

> Socket Escape Hatch
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Aside from Benoit, server operators were unanimously dismissive of the
> idea of a socket 'escape hatch'. In general it seems like servers would not
> be capable of achieving this. I think, therefore, this idea is unworkable.
Well it does work. This is how websockets works in gunicorn.  Escape is not
the right term anyway. Think it as a socket *upgrade*. And then you would
wonder why it would be unworkable. After all this is how SSL sockets works,
so is the protocol negotiation in http2 ...

There is nothing magic there until you try to over engineer the stuff.
Upgrading a sockets means that you tell to the server to forget it. This is
how most concurrent servers work today.

- benoit
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