On 2016-04-19 12:56:26 +0000, Ian Cordasco said:

* Annotated Source Documentation: http://s.webcore.io/fjVc
(pythonhosted docs, also linked on the pypi page)

For what it's worth, the PyPI/Warehouse/PyPA developers are planning
on deprecating pythonhosted for PyPI packages. The suggestion is that
you use something like ReadTheDocs.org for documentation hosting.

Indeed, I tried desperately to not use it, but WebCore 1 documentation was formerly there and after two hours of searching prior to release was unable to find any way to _remove_ the already uploaded documentation and remove the reference on the pypi page.

A very sub-optimal packaging experience, there, so the sooner it's actually gone the happier I'll be. (It's quite slow, for example. ;)

        -- Alice.

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