I had tried that and tried it just now but still gives a None value in the 
rated_items.search_term field. maybe it's got to do with the table def; my 
table definition is as follows:

    Field('user_id', 'reference auth_user', default=auth.user and 
    Field('item_id', 'integer'),
    Field('clicks', 'integer', default=0),

On Friday, September 16, 2016 at 12:00:09 AM UTC+2, Meinolf wrote:
> Hi there
> So far i only know how to update a record by replacing the old field value 
> with the new value. Suppose i want to append the search_term string value 
> the corresponding text field so that both values are stored, how can i do 
> that in this code:
> myrow = db((db.rated_items.user_id==auth.user.id) & 
> (db.rated_items.item_id==request.args(0))).update(search_term=str(request.vars.search_term)
> Would appreciate any help!!

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