In order to re-fill the file selection, you would have to know the file 
path on the user's machine, but the browser does not send this information 
due to security concerns, so you cannot maintain file selections across 
page reloads. You would either have to submit (or at least validate) the 
form via Ajax so you can keep the initial version of the form on the page, 
or temporarily store the uploaded file on the server when there is an error 
so the user doesn't have to upload it again on the re-submission. web2py 
does not include built-in logic for either of these approaches, so you will 
need some custom code.


On Sunday, September 18, 2016 at 10:37:59 AM UTC-4, Gael Princivalle wrote:
> Hello all.
> When a form is submitted with errors, if the user have choose first a file 
> in this form, this choice is not reminded for the next submission attempt.
> Is there's a way to remind this choice?
> Thanks.

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