Where/how are you using the resulting url variable. It looks like you are 
displaying it (unescaped) directly as HTML, in which case, "&times" is 
treated as the HTML entity name for the multiplication sign. It should work 
if you just let web2py escape it, though we may need to see more code.



On Monday, September 19, 2016 at 9:31:17 AM UTC-4, Gael Princivalle wrote:
> Hello.
> When I build this URL:
> url = URL('/maps/api/timezone/json', scheme='https', host='
> maps.googleapis.com', vars=dict(key='mykey', location=str(events_latitude) 
> + ',' + str(events_longitude), timestamp=str(today_UTC_timestamp)))
> "&times" is replaced by "×":
> https://maps.googleapis.com/mtbconnection/f_ajax/maps/api/timezone/json?key=mykey&location=45.4%2C7.41
> ×tamp=1474291274.04
> For location & is ok.
> I've tried also to concatenate strings, using ascii with chr(38), the 
> result is the same.
> Someones have a solution?
> Thanks.

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