nope. Technically, tasks are queued as long as the "outer" thingy (be it 
whatever) get all of the pending transactions committed (a task IS queued 
when the corresponding "insert" is committed to the database).
Every task gets processed according by the usual rules, but if you want 
coordination among them (i.e. task 5 needs to be executed after task 7), 
you can code a "coordinator" task (i.e. that waits for 5 to be completed 
before queuing task 7) or use the included JobGraph factory.

On Monday, September 19, 2016 at 9:07:31 PM UTC+2, Pierre wrote:
> so far works :)
> is there any restriction to queueing_task inside of a task ?
> is every task independant from the other tasks ?  (any hierarchical 
> relation between "inner tasks" and "outer tasks" ?)

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