Thanks This is of corse an option.  The problem with sending such a file is 
that the translator  could  forget a ' and this will cause some problems.
I was hoping for something more robust similar to what you get when you use 
the admin interface. May be it is possible (I am thinking laud) to move 
some parts of the Admin to the app and give the translator special rights 
and a menu item that will be visible only to him. I could then copy the 
translated language file to the right place.
Anybody tried it before?

On Monday, September 19, 2016 at 12:43:09 AM UTC+2, icodk wrote:
> I have a  web2py application, where all  text is in/are: T("text in 
> English") Now I need to translat it to another language, even found a 
> person willing to do it. What will be the best way to give him  language 
> file so he can translate it without giving him access to the administration 
> of the site ? As to start with, he don't have to see the context 
> immediately, just to translate most of the easy staff.
> Thanks

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